Infinite Banking Concept

Infinite Banking Concept

McGuire Financial Team - Canada's Leading Authority on the Infinite Banking Concept


About McGuire Financial Group

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At McGuire Financial Group, we’re all about trust. And we wouldn’t ask you to trust someone you don’t know, so let us tell you a bit about ourselves. Knowing us has its advantages.

McGuire Financial Group was founded in 1996 by Glen P. Zacher, now Chief Executive Officer, a man who had already spent years building substantial roots in Edmonton’s financial community. It was for this reason he chose to base his new venture in Edmonton. The business focused on providing financial planning, debt consolidation, and investment advice to clients throughout Edmonton and all of Alberta.

McGuire Financial Group grew exponentially and now 16 years later it boasts an expert team of professional financial advisors ready to create personalized solutions to your financial goals with a wide range of services, including the Infinite Banking Concept.

Whether you’re looking to get out of debt, refinance your home or plan for an early retirement, we’re ready to help.
Still don’t know enough about us? Read about McGuire Financial Group’s Philosophy.

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